Boxer-Manager Agreement

Boxer or manager are not entitled to the compensation described above or part of it if a Commission official decides that boxer and manager, or one of them: 1) did not have good faith or had a collusive understanding or agreement on the end of the game, 2) Boxer did not issue in good faith his abilities, 3) Boxer and/or manager violated any of the laws, rules or regulations managed by the Commission. The undersigned have read and understood this agreement: Manager Manager is committed to guaranteeing a minimum of fights for boxers per calendar year. At no time can the AGREES: Boxer earn less than `A` per year to participate in boxing competitions and exhibitions. In the case of a suspension or injury or illness of the boxer or his opponent, the commitment of the boxer and the manager with respect to minimum fights, the timing of the fights and the terms of this agreement is automatically extended for the time necessary to reschedule the postponed fight. If, for the duration of the agreement, the boxer is unable to act mentally, physically or legally so that Boxer can no longer participate in professional boxing competitions, the obligations of the boxer and the manager with respect to minimum fights and the terms of this agreement are automatically extended for the duration of this guardianship. By participating in a boxing contest or show, the boxer understands that the boxer is engaged in an unusually dangerous activity. The boxer later understands that this participation exposes the boxer to a risk of serious injury or death. However, the Boxer, in full knowledge of this risk, agrees to enter into this agreement and renounces any claim that the heirs of the boxer or boxer may have against the Commission and/or the State of - as a result of an injury that the boxer may suffer as a result of Boxer`s participation in a contest or box show. It is understood and accepted that the rights and obligations of the parties will be governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the state/tribe . . . the provisions of this agreement are, in all respects, consistent with the laws of the state/strain of the COMPENSATION Boxer pays directly to manager or in the form of a deduction of the amount transferred by the promoter all budgets paid to boxers as a result of Boxer`s participation in a boxing contest.

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