Meibc Sick Pay Fund Agreement

For each week of absence from work, 3 sick pay will be paid up to 50% of a member`s weekly salary. If a member`s absence is not a full week, PRO-RATA sickness benefits are calculated for each full day of absence. Compassionate Leave A worker is entitled to a maximum of three working days per year and therefore receives full pay at his normal rate for a normal day`s work. (This is essentially an extension of family liability leave in the main agreement. 4 It can be taken for a full day or part of it and is subject to proof that it is presented to the employer. Page one. Injury in service. A member who is absent from work because of a disability covered by the provisions of the Occupational Injury and Illness Compensation Act is entitled to a special sickness allowance of up to three working days for each period of absence. Funeral. In the event of the death of a member, the surviving spouse must pay a funeral benefit. However, the management committee may use its discretion and consider paying benefits to someone it believes is entitled to the money.

To finalize the dispute settlement portion of the agreement, you repeat the two steps above - for employer and worker contributions - but replace "Admin Levy" with "disputed tax" and enter R2.68 instead of R7.45. 10 One year`s interim membership between adoptions. The documents requested by fund managers support claims for benefits. Members who are entitled to benefits under this sub-clause are entitled to a prepayment of up to four weeks at the end of the first week of absence. Benefits are due to absence each week due to the legal adoption of a child under the age of two. Unpaid Leave Period Pregnancy Dead-Born Children Freezer Children Freezers Children Under two Under two Under 2 years Old Employee with one year or more of continuous service at the same employer 26 weeks 12 weeks 26 weeks Worker with less than one year of continuous service at the same employer 18 weeks 8 weeks 18 weeks Page 8 NB: CONFIRMATION ON LETTERHEAD OF THE EMPLOYMENT. THE AFFILIATE IS AFFILIATED WITH UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE. ANNUAL LEAVE / COMPANY SHUTDOWN DATES. Page 2.

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