Sample Of Lease Agreement In Tanzania

18.5. The landlord and tenant orally agree to register for agreed services or repairs if the date and time of delivery are within one week of the verbal agreement. 23.3. Prior inspection and repair rights as follows: (i) After the termination of a lease agreement (C.A.R. Form NTT) or before the end of a tenancy agreement, the tenant has the right to require an inspection of the premises before the termination of the lease or tenancy (CAR Form NRI). If the tenant requests such an inspection, the tenant will have the opportunity to correct any defects found prior to termination, in accordance with the terms of this agreement (ii) All repairs or modifications made in the premises as a result of this inspection (together "repairs") are carried out at the tenant`s expense. Repairs can be carried out by the tenant or others who have adequate insurance and license and are approved by the lessor. The work must comply with applicable laws, including regulatory approvals, inspection and authorization requirements. Repairs are carried out by the tenant or others with adequate insurance and license and approved by the lessor. The work must comply with applicable laws, including regulatory approvals, inspection and authorization requirements. Repairs must be carried out in a good and skilful manner with quality and appearance materials comparable to existing materials. It is obvious that an accurate restoration of the appearance or cosmetic objects after all repairs may not be possible (iii) tenant: (a) receive receipts for repairs made by others; (b) to prepare a written statement indicating the repairs made by the tenant and the date of repairs; and (c) provide the lessor with copies of receipts and explanations prior to termination. Paragraph 27C does not apply when the lease is terminated in accordance with Civil Procedure Code 116 (2), (3) or 4) 20.1.

[] The tenant may not sublet all or part of the premises, nor will or transfer the contract or any interest to it without the prior written consent of the lessor. Unless such consent is obtained, any assignment, assignment or subletting or subletting of that contract or tenancy, by voluntary deed of the tenant, the right or other means, is null and void and, at the landlord`s choice, to terminate that contract. Each proposed assignee, purchaser or subtenant must submit an application and credit information to the lessor to obtain the lessor`s consent and, if approved, sign a separate written agreement with the landlord and tenant. The lessor`s consent to an assignment, transfer or sublease should not be construed as consent to a subsequent assignment or sublease and does not exempt the tenant from the tenant`s obligations under this contract. "beginning of occupancy" means either signing or concluding an agreement, transferring objects or furnishings to the premises or using premises for any purpose, including, but not limited, in the kitchen, food, maintenance or bedtime After the execution of this contract, the tenant agrees to pay compensation to the brokers, as stated in a separate written agreement between tenants and brokers. Time is crucial. All agreements between the parties are included in the agreement. Their terms are regarded by the parties as the definitive, complete and exclusive expression of their agreement on their purpose and should not be rebutted by evidence of a prior or simultaneous oral agreement. If a provision of the contract is declared inoperative or inoperative, the other provisions nevertheless come into force at full speed.

Neither this agreement nor any agreement in accordance with its purpose may be renewed, amended, amended, amended, amended, amended or amended, except in writing.

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