Vehicle Purchase Agreement Bc

Hello Gail, in general, you can not return a car because there is no cooling time in BC for vehicle purchases. If you have any further questions about your transaction, you can contact the vehicle`s distribution authority. Your contact information is here - I hope you have that information. Bought a used car only four years ago with 29000k on it. Within two hours of leaving the property, the vehicle collapsed into traffic and did not move. The vehicle was towed the same day to the dealership and was waiting to hear about it tomorrow, as it was purchased on Saturday and closed on Sundays. Do I have any reason to finish the purchase? It`s risky to buy a sidewalk. You can lose your money and get a dangerous vehicle. You can complain, but it`s expensive and often useless. THE BC Vehicle Sales Authority can investigate the sidewalk, but it won`t help you get your money back. If you have purchased a recreational vehicle, you can contact the Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association of Canada, a national, voluntary organization.

Our answer: it can be difficult to determine the legitimacy of a private seller. The Vehicle Sales Authority (VSA) has a page on its website that helps consumers identify red flags. One of them is when the seller has listed more than one vehicle with the same phone number. You can find this website here. According to VSA, curbs do not offer any of the safeguards provided by the Law on Purchasing from a Dealer Approved by the Vehicle Sales Authority, which is why it might be a good idea to familiarize yourself with red flags. Good luck! (a) the name and address of the buyer and seller; Exception for vehicles in the storage area or part of the new inventory I`m trying to buy a used vehicle, and I`ve found one that seems to be from a legitimate private seller. How do I know if the person I`m dealing with is legitimate or if they`re working for a business and posing as a private seller (i.e. "Curber")? (e) a statement that the motor vehicle complies with the requirements of the Motor Vehicle Act and (a) serial identification number or number, number or construction number; If you buy from a retailer, ask for their return policy.

There is no automatic right to return a vehicle. Many people think this is the case, because they are used to the generous return rules of some retail stores. Good morning, Lloyd, thank you for your question. In BC, there is no law that grants consumers the right to simply return a vehicle or get a refund for certain repair costs. However, the organization that oversees the law for certain aspects of merchants is the Vehicle Sales Authority (VSA), so I suggest you contact them directly. You can buy a used vehicle from a dealer or private seller. A dealership is anyone who sells or exchanges vehicles to try to get income. Traders must be licensed by the BC Vehicle Sales Authority and comply with certain laws. Curbers operate illegally and scam buyers.

They do things like recoiling the mileage meter to make it look like a vehicle has less mileage than it really has. Many curbs receive vehicles from other parts of Canada and the United States. They can hide damage and lie about the history of a vehicle, including its mileage and where it came from. You may charge extremely high and illegal interest rates or ask yourself to lie about the sale price for tax purposes.

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