Vistex Agreement Workbench

To activate the check sheets, the types of models must be identified as relevant to the fact sheet when setting up price agreements. Check sheets are also configurable for templates and clauses, instead of displaying only tabs and rules configured in order. NOTE: The agreement is stored in an SAP packaging contract based on the type of conditioning contract associated with the type of contract in the configuration. NOTE: The agreement can be incorporated into the SAP condition contract. In the configuration, assign the type of packaging contract to the type of contract to store information in the packaging contract. If several agreements have been amended en masse, the system can be configured in such a way that a collective agreement obligation is established for all agreements to be amended. Otherwise, the system establishes a separate request for agreement for each agreement. In the configuration of the type of agreement request, check the requirement to collect the identifier. If you record the mass changes as a request for agreement, the system displays a dialog box indicating the type of contract requirement. In the window, check the "Collect" box to create a collection request, or leave the checkbox empty to create separate individual requirements. After creating a group of agreements, you assign the group number to each contract.

Contract requests can be used to record and store information such as offers that cannot be obtained with profit/loss codes. The Rules tab allows you to record competitors` regulatory information and set up the types of rules so that the rules on competitors` information are not transferred to the agreement if the requirement of the agreement is approved. The agreement requirement can run the prices for the user for display and analysis. Information about agreement requirements is stored in a table other than where the agreement information is stored. When you create an agreement request, select the type of contract request from a list set up in the create of the requirement type in the Contract Configuration dialog. A sale discount is paid on the basis of an agreement between the company that pays the discount and the debtor. The agreement summarizes the price conditions of the items and the billing parameters. Any agreement can involve many customers or a single customer. Agreements may be national, local or limited to a particular customer site. The agreements are very flexible and allow one or more price factors for sale discounts that can be defined at any level. Selling prices can be expressed in dollars or percentages and may depend on different combinations such as the sales range, debtor, equipment or a combination of those mentioned above. These rules can often change and can be changed retroactively.

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