Wildlife Refuge Agreements

Nature protection agreements are binding agreements that are in progress with the land and are inscribed on the title. This means that all owners or Pesse are bound by the terms of the agreement. The endumrity of the agreements ensures that good land management practices and conservation work continue when future generations or new owners take over the business. Nature reserves must have considerable potential for biodiversity values at land, landscape and strategic levels. Potential nature reserves are those that: Queensland`s terrestrial protected areas, including national parks and natural refuges, are world famous for their diversity, unique flora and fauna and breathtaking scenery. They are the cornerstone of Queensland`s conservation programs; Protecting the rich biodiversity of our state. This protection is increasingly important in the context of climate change. [1] The creation of a natural refuge on your land will recognize good land management practices and provide access to additional support programs and funding from Nature Reserve partners, community groups and specialized advisors. Special grants and grants may also be made available to landowners for maintenance, reclamation and land projects. From time to time, landowners of natural shelters can benefit from small subsidies for the maintenance and enhancement of their natural refuge. This financial support is intended for landowners to carry out on-site projects in their nature reserve that improve the sustainable use of the land and face all threats to natural values.

The Nature Refuge Landholder Grant pilot program is an example. To apply for a wildlife protection contract, complete the BCT Interest Form (PDF 129KB) at any time (please download and register on your computer first). Interested parties have the opportunity to make submissions to the Minister[12] and, if their rights are severely affected, the Minister cannot designate a special nature reserve without their consent. [13] Therefore, it is important to involve all interested parties in discussions when considering whether a special nature reserve is suitable for your property. If the property is deemed appropriate, a conservation contract will be negotiated. As soon as an agreement on the protection of nature has been reached, the Minister will make a statement on the protected status of the country. [5] Natural refuges reflect not only the important values of your land, but also your effective management to maintain them over time.

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